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Recalling Our Surreal Honeymoon Trip To Mauritius: A Brief About What Made It Special

Renowned as the most romantic island on the planet, Mauritius is a perfect choice when it comes to planning your honeymoon trip. It brings you scenic pleasures, cultural delights and critically acclaimed cuisines. That’s not all, it also offers you the remoteness and privacy with its beachfront resorts that are loaded with luxuries.

Mridula’s honeymoon was an equally ecstatic experience. Know it right from her as she talks about everything that she loved during her Honeymoon trip to Mauritius.

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12 Badulla Restaurants That Have Revolutionised The Sri Lankan Culinary Scene

Situated at the southern end of the magnificent Indian Ocean, Sri Lanka is well-renowned for its warm hospitality. When you experience the adventures of Sri Lanka, you will want to come here again and again. Such is the magic of this place. Badulla is one of the major cities in Sri Lanka. This place is known for its food. Badulla takes into consideration the unmatchable flavors of every cuisine. Make sure to stop by these Badulla restaurants on your trip to Sri Lanka.

There is no dearth of tasty local food in Badulla, Sri Lanka. We’ve shortlisted 12 Badulla restaurants based on their distance from the city and food quality:

1. Grand Regency Hotel

Grand Regency Hotel

Grand Regency Hotel tops the list of the most incredible Badulla restaurants. This is a fine dining restaurant. The restaurant offers a wide range of cuisines and has a fairly large menu. Situated near Bacula, this restaurant offers amazing Italian cuisines. You will be tempted to lick off the plate once you’re done eating.

Must try: Avocado Salad, White Sauce Macaroni
Location: 69 Bandaranayake Mawatha, Badulla 9000 Sri Lanka
Cuisines: Italian, Sri Lankan

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2. A n R Food Centre

A n R Food Centre

A n R Food Centre has an elegant, charming ambiance and exquisite interiors. The wall hangings and the strategic placement of the royal furniture and furnishings make it a unique place for a truly unique experience. This is one of the most popular restaurants in Badulla. The food served here is scrumptious. Service is prompt and professional.

Must try: Fish Curry, Kukul Mas Curry
Location: 239 d/2 Lower St, Badulla, Sri Lanka

3. Paradise Inn

Paradise Inn

Paradise Inn offers a phenomenal range of lip-smacking Sri Lankan cuisines. This is one of the best places to try out local food. You will find a lot of similarity in Sri Lankan cuisine and Indian cuisine, but authentic Sri Lankan food has a distinct flavor of its own. This place is truly a paradise for those who crave for an authentic experience.

Must try: Egg curry, Kottu
Location: 150 Lower St, Badulla, Sri Lanka
Cuisines: Sri Lankan cuisine

4. Genuine Restaurant

Genuine Restaurant

Genuine Restaurant specializes in Sri Lankan cuisine. Their rice dishes are the best in the city. The restaurant provides the best value for its money. This is a no-frills restaurant. Situated on the upper floor, the beautiful restaurant also provides amazing scenic views. Make sure to stop by here on your culinary journey across Sri Lanka.

Must try: Sour fish curry, Nasi Goreng
Location: No. 421, Passara Road, Badulla, Sri Lanka
Cuisines: Sri Lankan

5. Green Wood Holiday Inn

Green Wood Holiday Inn

Green Wood Holiday Inn is situated at the Peradeniya Badulla highway. It is a hotel-cum-restaurant. The restaurant is popular with both the locals and the tourists. Green Wood Holiday is a fine dining restaurant known for the impeccable service of its staff. The restaurant specializes in Thai and Chinese cuisines, apart from the local Sri Lankan food.

Must try: Polos
Location: Peradeniya –Badulla highway, Badulla Sri Lanka
Cuisines: Chinese, Thai, European, Sri Lankan cuisine

6. Dulsara Restaurant

Dulsara Restaurant

If you are looking for a quick bite, then Dulsara Restaurant is a great option. The restaurant is famous for its Indian dishes, including Biryani. The best part is that you will find most of the popular Indian snacks like bread pakora and samosa here. The restaurant is squeaky clean. Soothing music plays here all day long. The service is prompt.

Must try: Wambatu Moju
Location: No. 26, Cocolatte Road, Badulla, Sri Lanka.
Cuisines: Indian, Asian

7. Orchid Restaurant

Orchid Restaurant

Orchid is a beautiful restaurant with an elegant ambiance. The dining area is spacious. The local Sri Lankan dishes are lip-smacking delicious. The restaurant serves Sri Lankan and Indian cuisine. This is a wonderful place for lazy leisurely dining. The environment is very calm, serene. It is perfect for a peaceful delicious meal.

Must try: Biryani
Location: Badulla, Sri Lanka.
Cuisines: Sri Lankan, Indian

8. Dunhinda Falls Inn

Dunhinda Falls Inn

Dunhinda Falls Inn restaurant is one of the most ravishing restaurants of Badulla. This restaurant has outdoor seating. The restaurant offers a classy ambiance with very delectable dishes. It serves an amazing variety of European dishes. The service at this restaurant is impeccable and very professional.

Must try: Fish curry
Location: Badulla, Sri Lanka.
Cuisines: European, Sri Lankan

9. Suriya Guest House and Restaurant

Suriya Guest House

Situated on the highway, this restaurant-cum-guest house is famous for buffet dining. This is the best place to be at if you are really hungry and are looking to eat truly authentic local food. One of the best parts is its strategic location and the beautiful views from the restaurant’s terrace. The restaurant is squeaky clean.

Must try: Kottu
Location: Peradeniya-Badulla-Chenkaladi Highway, Sri Lanka
Cuisines: Sri Lankan

10. Mallika Restaurant

Mallika Restaurant

With a beautiful ambiance and clean interiors, this restaurant situated at the highway is famous for its perfectly cooked Indian and Sri Lankan dishes. The restaurant offers a wide range of curries, bread, and rice. One of the best parts is its bakery. The bread is delicious and the fresh pastry shouldn’t be missed here after your meal.

Must try: Butter Chicken
Location: Peradeniya-Badulla-Chenkaladi Highway, Hali-Ela, Badulla, Sri Lanka
Cuisines: Sri Lankan, Indian

11. Garden View Restaurant

Garden View Restaurant

Situated in the middle of a garden, this restaurant is built amidst nature. An open restaurant surrounded by greens with a cool breeze flowing in, dining here is a dream. The restaurant serves delicious Sri Lankan dishes. The best part is the range of drinks it offers: a wide array of smoothies and juices.

Must try: Pennywort Salad, Spring Hopper Biryani
Location: Badulla, Sri Lanka
Cuisines: Sri Lankan, Dutch

12. Miyon Hotel

Miyon Hotel

Situated at Cocowatte Road, the restaurant offers simple, casual dining with very down to earth and pleasant ambiance. The food served here will simply take your heart away. The service is prompt and the variety of cuisines is truly amazing, especially the variety of rice dishes served here.

Must try: Parippu, Thai rice
Location: 39 Cocowatte Road, Badulla, Sri Lanka
Cuisines: Thai, Mongolian, Sri Lankan, Tamilian

We’ve shortlisted the aforementioned Badulla restaurants keeping in mind the impeccable and prompt service staff and the quality of the food items served there. Make sure to drop by these restaurants on your vacation in Sri Lanka for a wonderful culinary journey. You’re in for the best time of your life!

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10 Extravagantly Beautiful Munich Festivals That Will Give You Major FOMO

Munich is the capital city of Bavaria. It is of major historical, industrial, financial and cultural significance. The city enjoys a very high standard of living and has numerous numbers of attractions. It is the one of the fastest growing cities in Germany. From a beautiful medieval town to a thriving modern city, the city has developed immensely. Witness the Munich festivals celebrated with great pomp on your next trip there.

Munich is a city of immense historical significance. The locals like to keep the history, traditions, and culture alive. We’ve shortlisted 10 incredible Munich festivals that are celebrated with a lot of gusto and see participation from people from all over the world:

1. Oktoberfest


Munich is known for celebrating Oktoberfest with great pomp and show. It lasts for 16 days. Various carnival games, traditional German food, German beer, booth games and parades are the key features of this festival. It is the largest fair in the world and definitely worth visiting. It gives us a chance to experience the Bavarian culture and party to our fullest.

Location: Munich
Dates: September – October

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2. Starkbierfest


Also known as the Small Oktoberfest, Starkbierfest is celebrated at breweries and bars throughout Munich. The visitors and locals get to enjoy the various varieties of traditional Bavarian beer. Extra strong beer is a specialty of this fest, apart from the live bands played at every nook and corner of the city.

Location: Munich City
Dates: March 10th – April 8th

3. Kocherlball


This festival was started as a tradition long back. Kocherlball is also known as the “cook’s ball,” where the housekeepers, cooks, and servants come together in the English Garden Park on an early Sunday morning and dance. It is a fun day for them where they also get the chance to enjoy and make merry.

Location: English Garden Park, Munich
Dates: Third Sunday of July

4. Auer Dult

Auer Dult

On Auer Dult, traditional markets come up at every nook and corner of the city. They are known for selling exotic handmade goods. There are over 350 plus stores that are set up and it is the largest fair of its kind. Snack carts and delicious meals are found overflowing in the streets and alleys.

Location: Mariahilfplatz, Munich
Dates: May, August, and October

5. Summer Tollwood

Summer Tollwood

Summer Tollwood festival is held during the summer season in Germany. It is known for its wide array of musical and circus performances. Along with that, crafts, local culinary delicacies, jewelry, and other things are also sold in the streets of Munich. Make sure to attend this festival.

Location: Olympia Park, Munich
Dates: July

6. Frühlingsfest


This is the city’s famous beer festival. The warm weather makes the festival even more exciting. This festival includes lots of beer, food, fun fairs and so much more. The city welcomes spring with this festival. There are several beer tents along with giant flea markets, firework displays and thousands of happy revelers.

Location: Munich
Dates: End of April – Start of May

7. Christmas


Munich celebrates Christmas like most of the other countries. The Christmas markets of Munich are very popular among locals and tourists. During this time, the first stop has to be the traditional market in Marienplatz. But, the notable fact is that a market catering to every taste can be found. The markets are flooded with fairy tale books, international gifts, and nativity scenes. This festival is one of the best times to visit the city of Munich.

8. Kaltenberg Knights Tournament

Kaltenberg Knights Tournament

This tournament takes you a step back into the Middle Ages. Be ready to experience the grand modern-day Knight’s tournament. The event includes a program full of jousting, sword fighting, horsemanship, and several other classical medieval sports. To make the experience even more gratifying, there is a medieval market, mouth watering food stands and countless knightsman’s activities and games for kids.

Location: Kaltenberg Castle
Dates: July

9. Stadtgründun


Munich turned 860 years old in 2018. This event is celebrated as Stadtgründun. There is a massive street party and the whole city takes part in it. Along with live music, dancers, and a craftsman’s market, there are also several events for children. Make sure to stop by Munich on this festival.

Location: Munich
Dates: June 16th – June 17th

10. Christopher Street Day

Christopher Street Day

On this day, the streets of Munich come alive with drag queens, feather boas and all kinds of unique leather outfits. Concerts and parades are witnessed on this day and high-heel racing is only the tip of the iceberg. Christopher Street is actually a reference to the 1969 Stonewall riots in New York and mostly every year all over in Germany, this day is celebrated.

Location: Munich
Dates: July 14th – July 15th

People from all over the world flock to Germany during different times in the year to enjoy the aforementioned Munich festivals. Each festival has its own charm and doesn’t fail to grab the attention of both locals and tourists. Tourists that stop by Munich on their trip to Germany have the time of their lives and gather unforgettable memories.

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12 Bucharest Festivals That Showcase Europe’s Culturally Vibrant Side

Bucharest is the largest city in Romania. It is the cultural, financial and industrial center of Romania. The beautiful city of Bucharest has a culturally rich heritage and the historicity of the city can be witnessed in the walls of the majestic buildings. The city is a mix of traditions and modernity, which is emblematic in the way the below mentioned Bucharest festivals are celebrated.

These Bucharest festivals celebrate the culture and rich heritage of Europe. Make sure to attend these on your trip to Bucharest:

1. Harvest Fair

Harvest Fair

Harvest Fair is one of the most prominent festivals in Romania. At Harvest Fair, several Romanian products like traditional cheese, fruits, vegetables, and flowers are sold at a reasonable price. The visitors can buy traditional costumes, sweets, and pickles in the fair. It is widely celebrated in Romania as a harvest festival.

Location: All over Romania
Dates: September end

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2. Bucharest of Old

Bucharest of Old

This festival is celebrated to honor the traditions of Bucharest. Local people roam the streets of Old Bucharest in traditional Romanian costumes. Parades are held to showcase the vivid and vibrant culture of Bucharest. Markets selling traditional products and goods are set up on the streets. Several outdoor concerts are held. Locals and foreigners can take rides in horse carriages throughout the old town.

Location: Old town of Bucharest
Dates: May 1st onwards

3. Maiden’s Fair

Maiden's Fair

Maiden’s fair is one of the oldest Bucharest festivals. Various folklore performances are held and handmade crafts are sold at the Maiden’s Fair. In the night time, there are fireworks. All the participants climb up the Găina mountain where concerts are held at midnight. This festival serves to preserve the culture of Romania.

Location: Avram Iancu
Dates: July 21st – July 22nd

4. The National Easter Egg Festival

The National Easter Egg Festival

The Romanians celebrate this festival with great enthusiasm. Everyone looks forward to painting Easter eggs. The painted Easter egg is emblematic of the culture and traditions of Europe. The painted eggs are famous in other countries are as well and are displayed in museums too. The colors used are mainly black, red and yellow. If one wants to experience ancient Romania, this festival gives a glimpse of it.

Location: Ciocanesti and rest of Romania
Dates: 8th April

5. National Trout Festival

National Trout Festival

This festival is celebrated in Ciocănești village, where locals participate in various activities like traditional downstream rafting, horsemen parade, and folk music. It is basically a fishing contest. This festival brings in many tourists from various parts of the world. Make sure to attend this festival.

Location: Ciocanesti village
Dates: 12th – 13th August

6. Servus Transilvania Fest

Servus Transilvania Fest

Servus Transilvania Fest promotes artists from various backgrounds such as music, theatre and dance. It is one of the lesser known Bucharest festivals. It is an open air festival aimed at promoting budding talents. The young artists get to showcase their talent and the viewers get a chance to experience new forms of art.

Location: Biertan Village
Dates: Mid-August

7. Wine Making Festival

Wine Making Festival

The winemaking festival of Romania brings all wine lovers together. They indulge themselves in the collection of premium assorted local and international wines. This festival attracts many tourists from around the world who wish to taste various types of wine. This is one of the biggest festivals in Romania.

Location: Bucharest

8. Halloween

Fear Halloween Ghostly Horror Scary

Halloween is widely celebrated in Transylvania. Romania is known as the “Land of Dracula” and thus, it is the perfect place to celebrate Halloween. Bran Castle in Transylvania is known as the Dracula’s Castle and it isn’t shocking at all that Transylvania attracts many tourists who take Halloween celebrations to another level. There are a number of Halloween parties organized in the city and some of them even have interesting themes.

Location: Transylvania
Dates: 31st October

9. Christmas


Christmas and mid-winter celebrations start from the 20th of December and go on until the 7th of January. The tradition demands killing a pig, if the family owns one, and then it is served as a Christmas meal. Carol singing is one of the most famous ways to celebrate Christmas in Romania. The Christmas tree is decorated, meals are made and shared with family and friends. New Year’s is also one of the most widely celebrated events in Romania and is known as “The Little Christmas”.

Location: Romania
Dates: 25th December

10. Rock the City

Rock the City

Rock the City festival takes place every year. Here, various artists come and perform in Bucharest. Many people from all over the world come for this festival and it is undoubtedly heaven for all music lovers. There are many famous artists and bands who have performed at this festival.

Location: Bucharest
Dates: August end

11. George Enescu Music Festival

George Enescu Music Festival

This festival is celebrated in honor of Romanian composer George Enescu. It is the biggest classical music festival in Romania. Several artists from across the globe come here to compete against each other and there are also performances by famous orchestra players.

Location: Bucharest
Dates: August – September

12. Festival of the Heart

Festival of the Heart

The Heart Festival was initially organized as a tribute for those who were sacrificed in December ’89, but it is now one of the most prominent festivals celebrated in Romania. All the folk lovers and various prominent artists come together to celebrate this festival. People from many countries represent their traditional folk dance or music.

Location: Timisoara
Dates: July

Bucharest is one of the most culturally rich cities of Romania. The numerous festivals hosted the by the city and the surrounding cities gives a glimpse of its vibrant culture. Visitors from all over the world come here to experience the Bucharest festivals. Make sure to add Bucharest in your itinerary on your trip to Europe.

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Bratislava Travel Guide: For Exploring The Slovakian Capital Like A Pro On Your Next Trip!

Owing to the fact that Slovakia itself is not that popular of a tourist destination and is quite an underrated spot, it is not surprising that the capital of the country is on a similar boat as well. If you are wondering how and why you should visit Bratislava, we might be able to persuade you effectively. Irrespective of what people say or what you might have heard, follow this Bratislava travel guide because this place is actually breathtaking and will leave you awestruck with its natural beauty.

If planning a vacation to Bratislava, make sure to follow through this guide to plan ahead and spend an amazing time there with your loved ones.


Slovakia, on a general basis, does have very continental weather which has short summers and chilly winters. When it comes to talking about Bratislava backpacking, the winters are possibly the best time to visit owing to the fact that the city looks mesmerizing covered in snow. The winter prevails in between the months of November till March. It is great for people who wish to enjoy some snow sports and such.

But, if you wish to explore around and get to so some of the most amazing spots around the city, the spring or even the autumn seasons of the year account for an amazing time to visit. Irrespective of the weather, Spring is considered the best time. The pleasant and mild weather throughout the month of May is when the tourist influx is the maximum.

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Majority of the Bratislava tourist guide will make you understand that visiting this city does take up quite some time on an average which is why it is always best to plan the trip for at least a week or 10 days to explore around and witness some of the most amazing things one can do while in the capital of Slovakia.

Currency Of Bratislava

Bratislava uses the currency Euro to get them by their daily needs. Much like the majority of the European countries even this one does stand out from the crowd and is considered as one of the best options around. If you are traveling to Bratislava, make sure that you exchange your currency for the Slovak Euro either from the banks located in Bratislava or even from the other Foreign Exchange Bureaus that are available there.


While the tourists from other parts of the world might need a VISA to enter Slovakia and Bratislava, for that matter, the citizens from the United States can stay in Bratislava for 90 days without a VISA because their passport should suffice for the same.

This is the part where we help you plan your itinerary and guide you through the best places you can visit without a shadow of a doubt. If you are here wondering which places are worth the visit and which ones are a hard pass, you got your back with that.

1. UFO Bridge

UFO Bridge

It goes without saying that you will witness quite a lot of Soviet influence in the majority of the places around in Bratislava. The UFO Bridge is possibly the biggest rendition of the same, without a shadow of a doubt. The bridge by inaugurated by the year of 1972 until when the majority of the Jewish district around the old town was completely abolished and destroyed. The bridge was primarily constructed to get better access to the Petržalka district and to easily accentuate the process of the planned growth that they did have going on around the Danube. Majority of the tourists visit this place to reminisce the kind of harsh reality Jews had to face back in the days.

2. Bratislava Castle

Bratislava Castle

Next, on the list of what is Bratislava famous for, it is undoubtedly the Bratislava Castle. It is situated just next to the old town and has been standing there for many years in other forms. It was predominantly lying in complete ruins in between the years of 1811 and 1953 following a soldier burning the entire place down. The entirety of the palace was completely rebuilt and the same was finally completed in the year 2010. Currently, it does serve as the Slovak National Museum and the majority of the tourists who have visited this place have time and time suggested that the view around and from the palace is what takes the cards away. The combined panoramic view of the Old town, Danube River and even the UFO bridge is what makes up for an amazing view.

3. Slavin War Memorial


The Slavin War Memorial is yet another one of the must-visits when in Bratislava. It does hold memories from the Second World War and is also the cemetery for over 7000 Soviet Soldiers. If you want to experience the Soviet architecture around, this is actually an amazing spot to visit without a shadow of a doubt. It is situated atop a hill and is around 50 m tall. This is what makes it visible from anywhere around the town and the construction of this place was completed in 1960. Apart from that, visiting this place can also provide you with a panoramic view of the city.

When it comes to the activities one can indulge in Bratislava, the options might seem limited but there are quite abundant ones you can choose from. Some of which have been mentioned below.

1. The Blue Church

The Blue Church

While there are restrictions on who can visit and who can’t, not mentioning the Blue Church under the things to do simply doesn’t sit right with the list of things. Just as the name suggests, the church is completely blue in color from the exterior and is situated around the Old Town. It is just a short walk from there. The only downside is the fact that it is only open to people who come to pray and not for “just tourist” purposes. So, there is a downer.

2. Central Market

Central Market

Bratislava might be famous for its architecture and the big palaces and buildings with the Soviet influence, but when it comes to witnessing something different and out of the box, visiting the Trhovisko Miletičova, otherwise known as the Central Market can actually be an amazing option for you to visit and explore around. From the freshest of foods to witnessing the local interaction there, the entire experience is something you won’t get everywhere. It is the first open-air market in Bratislava and does make up for one of the most commonly visited sites around the place.

3. Statues


Yet another one of the amazing things to do around is to go Statue spotting around Bratislava. It might seem confusing at first, but the entire city is dotted with an innumerable number of statues here and there which can be a nice addition to your overall tourist experience while you are there. Just around the town itself, you will find more than 10 which you can stop by and click some pictures with. Following that, if you have time, visit the Slovakia National Theatre for an even better experience of the ballet.

Bratislava is enriched with history, culture, and diverse architecture. If you are planning an international trip with TravelTriangle, it is best to plan ahead of time, include a tour to Bratislava, and make memories for lifelong.

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Filling The Void Of A Long Distance Relationship By Taking A Perfect Romantic Trip To Kashmir

My husband and I are a long distance couple. He works in the Gulf city while I live in Mumbai. We meet once a year or when it’s a long weekend so whenever the opportunity presents we like to travel together and fill the time spent apart by connecting with each other in different environment. And this time, we chose Kashmir. The choice was easy really since I am more of a mountain person than a beach lover and my husband readily agreed.

Since we were going to meet after such a long time, we wanted to get away from all the planning and hassles of trip organizing and that is where TravelTriangle came in. The online platform connected us to various local travel agents of Kashmir who in turn gave us great quotes. We chose Travel Home as our preferred agent, settled on a perfect itinerary and were now all set. But just to give you a perspective on our trip, here are our few essential trip details:

Trip Type: Romantic
Cost: INR 23000
Duration: 5 Nights 6 Days
Inclusions: Hotel, Breakfast, Dinner, Transfers, Sightseeing, Shikara Ride, Houseboat, Parking, Toll
Exclusions: Flights, Personal expenses, Entry fee, Exclusions like horse ride, trekking charges etc.

And now, describing our journey!

Day 1: The Many Charms Of Srinagar

indulge in Kashmir culture

witness the charm of the city

great time in garden

we at the valleys of shalimar bagh

We landed in Srinagar at 7 and our partner driver from Travel Home (this was the local travel company we chose through Travel triangle) was already at the airport waiting for us. He was kind enough to request the hotel (Asian Park) for an early check in so that we could take a nap till noon. Post this, our tour started with our partner driver, Imran, who on the way kept pointing out the most popular places on the way like shrines (many!), gardens, etc.

visiting to Shalimar bagh

At Dargah Hazratbal

witness the sense of calmness

breathtaking view of the lake and valley

Our first stop was Dargah Hazratbal which is said to have the hair of Prophet Mohammed. On going inside, we found the view to be stunning and there was also a sense of calm there. Next we roamed around the local markets, streets, and alleys of Srinagar before visiting the Shalimar Baug. Here we were delighted to see the flowers blooming all around (something which we don’t find in cities). We obviously clicked many pictures and after spending some time there, proceeded on the Nishat Bagh where we could see the Dal Lake in its backdrop. The view here was breathtaking and this park too was full of greenery and was filled with maple trees, roses, and other flowers. After Nishat Bagh, we also visited the Chashme Shahi Baug Which was built by the Mughals. Later on, we did a photoshoot in a Kashmiri costume (we were very excited for this even before the trip) and then proceeded back to the hotel. On our way, we were munching lotus seeds which are considered to be very healthy.

Day 2: The “Frozen” experience in Sonmarg

reaching the glacier

enjoying the togetherness

We woke up to a really cold hot tea sipping kind of weather and it was a while before we could get a hang of it! Imran bhai was already waiting for us to take us to Sonmarg and we set off. On the way, we saw a red bridge where scenes from hit Bollywood movie “Jab Tak Hai Jaan” were shot and a river which looked nothing short of majestic. During this time, we clicked many pictures, made many videos, and enjoyed our time savouring paranthas and tea on the way. The weather was just so perfect and everything seemed straight out of a picture book.

breathtaking meadows and scenery

couples and scenic view

enjoyed the movie scenic view

enjoy the moment with your loved ones

Upon entering Sonmarg, we found many people offering horse rides for the 9 km journey till Thajiwas Glacier. Yes, they were quoting exuberant rates at first but upon firm bargaining, we were able to bring down the rate to 2500 for two horses along with the pony handler. Yes, we did feel bad for the horses but the journey was well worth it and also the horses were trained in their path. On the way, we saw places where movies like Bajrangi Bhaijaan and Race 3 were shot and passed by breathtaking meadows and scenery.

Upon reaching the glacier, we saw snow clad peaks, frozen ice rocks, and streams. It was out of the world. Later, we headed back to the same place on the horse. Yes, the ride was bumpy and we were given a suggestion of taking a steam bath once we returned to the hotel to soothe any pain. Later, upon reaching back to the hotel, we enjoyed a simple dinner and called it a day. Overall, the experience had been phenomenal.

Day 3: An amazing Gondola Ride in Gulmarg

witness the mapplet tree leaves

panoramic view

Post breakfast today, we set off for Gulmarg and on our way, came across the village of Pampore, where Saffron (Kesar) is cultivated. Since it blooms in the autumn season, we were not able to see it in full glory, however, we were able to witness the maple tree leaves turning golden.

Gulmarg is ski resort destination and has the largest Golf course in Asia (18 holes). So apart from the Gondola ride and visiting this, there aren’t many things to do there. We purchased the tickets to visit the two peaks and also hired a handsome young Kashmiri mas as a guide.

enjoying the Gondola ride

soaked in the cold breeze

The first stop in the Gondola is Kongdoori mountain where you can have tea, snacks, and relax. We clicked many selfies here and soaked in the cold breeze. Next was the Apharwat peak which is a little higher and covered in snow in the peak snowy season. We loved the panoramic view from here and the guide told us there is LOC and waterfall nearby but one had to take horses for it. Since it was not feasible we decided to skip it and although Gulmarg was a great experience, it is nothing in comparison to how it is when its covered in snow.

Day 4: The magic of Pahalgam

apple orchards

allowed to take it

visit Betaab Valley

We checked out of our hotel today and headed to Pahalgam, a village famous for its apple orchards. We tried fresh apple juice here, saw many trees, and were even allowed to take a box of apples that we had selected on our own.

Upon entering Pahalgam, we reached a place where we had to hire another taxi because of the Union thing to visit Betaab Valley. This valley famous for being the location for the Bollywood movie “Betaab” was simply fabulous. It had its own waterfall with crystal clear water and rows of pine trees. From here we went to Aru valley and had to take ponies but since we did not want the ponies to suffer, we insisted on walking. And yes, walking with the love of your life in such a wonderful valley was something I did not want to miss!

visit Betaab Valley

clicked one more in this famous valley

simply fabulous

crystal clear water

On reaching our hotel (Hotel Green Heights), we checked into what looked like cabin rooms. It was simply amazing and the room even had a balcony facing the river. We loved it! It was at this room that we watched the sunset of our life and I will always remember it. Next day, we went for an early morning walk by the river side and everything truly looked as if it was made in heaven.

Day 5: Staying at a dreamy houseboat in Srinagar

dreamy houseboat in Srinagar

Kashmiri decor

We checked out from Pahalgam today and headed towards Srinagar where we were supposed to stay at the Anarkali Houseboat. Upon reaching the lake, we were taken to the houseboat on a small shikara and upon entering the houseboat, we were amazed by its Kashmiri decor. The whole ambience of the Dal Lake and staying on a houseboat was surreal. Later, after a short nap and evening tea, we went out for our complimentary shikara ride. It was so romantic and beautiful that we started singing Hindi songs. We also did some shopping and later when the ride was about to end, we got our driver to extend it at a sum of 600 rupees and that gracious person took us all the way to Char Chinar where we saw a lotus pond and ducks.

enjoying the shikara ride and lovely company

having the lovely company and beautiful view

ambience of the Dal Lake

surreal view

We also did some shopping here and my hubby was gracious enough to get me a kurti and a dress piece even when everything was so expensive. Later back on the houseboat, we passed the evening talking to other people on the houseboat, had dinner, and called it a night after packing our things for the departure the next day.

Day 6: Kashmir, till we meet again!

On our last day, after one last delicious breakfast and our goodbyes, we left for the Srinagar airport to go back to our reality. And by this time, it truly felt as if we were saying goodbye to a heavenly place.

High Points from our romantic trip to Kashmir

  • Visiting the gardens in Srinagar
  • The snowy experience and horse ride in Sonmarg
  • Gondola ride in Gulmarg
  • The beauty and stay experience in Pahalgam
  • Staying at a boathouse in Dal Lake

Low Points

The guides near popular attractions especially in Sonmarg and Gulmarg can duped us for high amounts with a promise of showing many places but in reality it was nothing like that.

Tips for travelers taking a trip to Kashmir

This is a life tip and here it goes. Kashmir is one of the best places you will ever come across and for that even if you have to save, please do so. Because money can keep coming and going but this experience will stay with you forever.

If you liked how this couple planned their Kashmiri vacation in a perfect manner, you will love it even more when TravelTriangle plans one for you too! Just choose from these Romantic Kashmir Packages and let TravelTriangle take care of all your hassles!

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10 Best Museums In Lithuania That Reflect Its Glorious Past

Located on the southernmost tip of the Baltic state, Lithuania is a large state that has many historical places. The museums in Lithuania are one such attraction that you must visit and explore on your trip. And while there’s no doubt that there are various unique places that can be seen in this country, there are also experiences that you ought to tick. So, make sure that you on your next adventure to the country, you take a tour of as many of these museums as possible!

It will be really amazing to know more about all these museums. In fact, the museum of genocide victims is the best one. So, if you are searching to see some of these places, then look no further.

1. Trakai Island Castle Museum

Trakai Island Castle Museum

If you are planning for a complete day trip, then this museum will be the best place. The construction of this castle was made on an island during the 14th century. However, the structure of the museum is of modern time. It will appear that the museum is newly made. In the year 1962, the castle was converted into a museum. At the present time, there are exhibitions that are held on a regular basis. The palace of the grand dukes of Lithuania is the most remarkable one.

Location: Kestucio Str. 4, Trakai 21104, Lithuania
Timings: 10 AM -7 PM.
Fees: For adults-8, 00 Eur, for students and senior citizens- 4,00Eur.

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2. KGB Museum

KGB Museum

This museum is located on the former KGB building. The visitors can also view the former KGB prison and also the premises where death sentences were implemented. It will really give you a wonderful feeling to know about the ancient facts. The museum also focuses on the 20th-century stories. It is best to take a guide before planning to go to the museum. The Lithuanian museums is a great one

Location: Auku g. 2A, Vilnius 01113, Lithuania
Timings: 10 AM -6 PM.

3. National Museum of Lithuania

National Museum of Lithuania

This national museum of Lithuania represents the virtual gallery of about 6000 children who had drawn the pictures during January 13. Basically, the drawing was created in the year 1991 when the Russian Paratroopers tried to occupy the television tower. There was a drawing competition that was conducted and the theme was January 13. This museum must be visited.

Location: Arsenalo g. 1, Vilnius 01143, Lithuania
Timings: 10:00 AM – 6:00 PM

4. Holocaust Museum

Holocaust Museum

There are some incredible stories that can be noticed here. By visiting this museum you can gather a lot of information about the entire place. The area is a large one and so you will really enjoy the whole ambiance. Even you can also notice the stories of World War II. The other name of this museum is Green House.

Location: Pamenkalnio g. 12, Vilnius 01114, Lithuania
Timings: 9:00 AM – 4:00 PM

5. Telia Nemuziejus

Telia Nemuziejus

This is a high technology museum and you will really come across various things. It is a fun-filled museum and you will spend some good time with friends and relatives. You will also notice 5 virtual reality experiences. The best among this is the hot balloon flight above the Old Town of Vilnius. This is really loved by the kids. It takes about one hour to have a full view of the whole museum. Besides this, the Palanga amber museum is a very famous one.

Location: Vokieciu g. 4, Vilnius 01130, Lithuania
Timings: 11:00 AM – 8:00 PM

6. Birzai Castle

Birzai Castle

It is also an amazing place where many things have been preserved wonderfully. It is also a well repaired and preserved castle. This museum has a beer tasting corner that is greatly enjoyed by most of the tourists. Apart from this, there are some restaurants that serve good and delicious foods to the tourists. The castle has preserved some war tanks very beautifully.

Location: 1-19 Parodos gatve, Birzai 41001, Lithuania

7. Kretinga Museum

Kretinga Museum

There are many good archeological things preserved in this museum. The silver coins, the tools of the farmers are nicely preserved in this museum. They are placed in a wonderful manner. Most of the people mainly come here to see these things. It is also a charming and a small museum. Traditional equipment can be noticed here.
Location: Vilniaus g. 20, Kretinga 97104, Lithuania

8. The Venclova House of Museum

The Venclova House of Museum

This museum is especially dedicated to two poets. One is Antanas Venclova and the other is his son named Tomas Venclova. It is a very well maintained museum that has a beautiful interior. If you come to this museum you will be really amazed to see its interior. The museum has a beautiful interior and this attracts people from all over the world. You will really feel nice to see this museum. It is worth to see this museum.

Location: Pamenkalnio g. 34, Vilnius 01114, Lithuania
Timings: 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM

9. Centre for Civil Education

Centre for Civil Education

It is also a great place for learning and gaining good information about the creation of modern Lithuania. There are some stories and videos that will take you that world. It is so real and fantastic place. There are some political histories that are also mind-blowing. If you come to this place, then there is a scope to visit the sculpture garden of the Presidential Palace. During the vacations and summer time, this place remains overcrowded. It will provide you with an unforgettable experience.

Location: Totoriu g. 28, Vilnius 01121, Lithuania
Timings: 9:00 AM – 4:00 PM

10. Communications History Museum

Communications History Museum

This is a great place for film animation. If you have a strong passion to see animated films then this is the best option. The museum also has a good collection of radios, telephones and other related accessories. Once you visit this place you will like to come here again and again. This place is ideal for students who are pursuing a good career in film animation. They can gain a lot of knowledge from this place. It should be visited by the tourists. The sculptures are wonderfully made.

Location: Rotushes a. 19, Kaunas 44279, Lithuania

In short, Lithuania has many places that must be visited. If you are willing to come to this place then these museums are a must-witness attraction. So, ensure that while you plan your Europe holiday with TravelTriangle, you also include these places in your tour itinerary.

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10 Restaurants In Bora Bora To Sample The Best Seafood And Soak In The Sunsets

With spectacular sunsets, white sand beaches and sashaying coconut trees, Bora Bora is a true island paradise! Known for its luxury resorts, Bora Bora is an ideal vacation spot for honeymooners. Owing to the Polynesian, French, and American influences in the cuisine of these islands, there’s no doubt that you’ll have the most amazing dining experience at the various restaurants in Bora Bora. Get ready for some gastronomic excellence and the exciting flavours of Polynesia!

We have a list that caters to all kinds of foodies:

1. L’Elixir

L'Elixir Restaurants Bora Bora

L’Elixir is among the best Bora Bora sea restaurants for a fun night out. With live music and friendly hosts, the restaurant has become famous for its great food that is value for money. Their swordfish is a crowd favourite and they also have a variety of local delicacies that won’t leave you disappointed.

Location: Amanahune, Village Pauline, 98730, French Polynesia
Cuisine: Polynesian, European, French
Cost per person: $50
Google Rating: 3.8

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2. The Chef’s Table by La Villa Mahana

The Chef's Table by La Villa Mahana

The Villa Mahana is one of the most romantic restaurants in Bora Bora. An exclusive dining experience, the place serves only 7 couples at a given time. The chef’s 5 course Epicurean dinner and Exotique dinner will linger in memories much later than the meal itself. The ambience is comfortable, cosy, and romantic, perfectly suited for honeymoon couples.

Location: B.P. 941 Amanahune, Vaitape, 98730, French Polynesia
Cuisine: French, Vegan-friendly
Cost for two: $420
Google Rating: 4.4

3. St. James Bora Bora

St. James Bora Bora

There are no Bora Bora underwater restaurants yet but St. James comes close. The restaurant is right over the water and you can watch the fish swim right under you. The food is delicious and the service is among the best on the French Polynesian islands. Lunches are the best at St. James.

Location: Centre helen sbay, Bora bora, Vaitape 98730, French Polynesia
Cuisine: French, European, Seafood
Cost for two: $180
Google Rating: 4.3

4. Matira Beach Restaurant

Matira Beach Restaurant Bora Bora

The Matira Beach Restaurant doors open right on to the white sand beach and the tranquil green-blue waters of the lagoon. Among the best Bora Bora ocean restaurant, this offers a unique fusion of French and Japanese cuisine. The decor is also muted with wood interiors and Japanese styling, perfect for cosying up with good food after a nice afternoon swim.

Location: Matira, Matira Beach, 97830, French Polynesia
Cuisine: French, Tahitian, Japanese, Seafood
Cost per person: $35
Google Rating: 4.3

5. Bora Bora Yacht Club Restaurant

Bora Bora Yacht Club Restaurant

The Bora Bora Yacht Club restaurant features among the best restaurants in Bora Bora. The open air restaurant offers the freshest seafood cooked in fusion and Polynesian style. There is also a 24×7 bar that is perfect for a nightcap after a sumptuous meal at the restaurant.

Location: BP 123, Vaitāpē 98730, French Polynesia
Cuisine: French, Polynesian, Contemporary
Cost per person: $80
Google Rating: 4.3

6. The Lucky House – Fare Manuia

The Lucky House – Fare Manuia

The Lucky House is a departure from the fine dining restaurants that are popular in Bora Bora. The restaurant offers the best fast food including delicious burgers, pizzas, and most importantly, chilled beer! Ideal for relaxing, the Lucky House is where budget travelers go for a filling meal.

Location: Matira, Point Matira, Vaitape 98730, French Polynesia
Cuisine: Fast Food, French, Italian
Cost per person: $30
Google Rating: 4.4

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7. Bloody Mary’s

Bloody Mary's Bora Bora

Craving for hamburgers, sandwiches, and salads? Head to Bloody Marys! It is among the best American restaurants in Bora Bora and serves scrumptious bar food. Their speciality is the Jimmy Buffet Cheeseburger and Bloody’s Mahi Mahi Reuben Sandwich. An energetic swim before the meal will balance out the calories!

Location: Povai bay, Bora Bora
Cuisine: American, Seafood
Cost for two: $160
Google Rating: 4.1

8. Noa Noa Restaurant

Noa Noa Restaurant

Starting the day on the beach sounds like the perfect vacation plan and the best place to begin that is at the Noa Noa Restaurant. The restaurant has seating right on the beach where you can play with the sand as you munch on the food while the sun streams down. Noa Noa is also known for its appetizing breakfast menu.

Location: Matira Point, Bp 156 Vaitape, Bora Bora 98730, French Polynesia
Cuisine: Gourmet, French, International, Polynesian
Cost per person: $50
Google Rating: 4.4

9. Snack Matira

Restaurants in Bora Bora

You won’t find many restaurants in Bora Bora with prices written upfront outside the restaurants but at Snack Matira, the problem is solved! Ideal for budget travelers, Snack Matira is a shack right opposite a beach with great food at cheap prices. Best for bingeing on burgers and fries, Snack Matira is the place for a quick bite.

Location: Circle Island Road, Vaitape 98730, French Polynesia
Cuisine: Bar Food, Polynesian
Google Rating: 4.5

10. Lagoon Restaurant by Jean-Georges

Lagoon Restaurant by Jean-Georges

The Lagoon Restaurant tops the list of best restaurants in Bora Bora. Located in the St. Regis Resort it is open to non-guests as well. While the food menu is created by Michelin Star Chef Jean-Georges, the ambience itself will win you over. Enjoying wine and appetizers at sunset is the best way to begin dinner at the Lagoon!

Location: St. Regis Resort, Bora Bora 98730, French Polynesia
Cuisine: French & Asian Fusion
Cost for two: $400
Google Rating: 4.9

This list of restaurants in Bora Bora is making us hungry! What about you? Book your trip and check out all these restaurants on your trip to the beautiful islands of Bora Bora.

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Latvia Wildlife: 10 Best Places To Witness The Best Of Wildlife

The 40% of Latvia is covered by forests and it consists of Scots pine, exquisite mushrooms, and trees that are 500 years old. You will get to see the varied splendor of Latvia wildlife with the oak, yew, ash, juniper trees which make the forests an amazing place for the different types of animals.
The infamous Stork is the specialty of Latvia, and there are recently 7,000 breeds available in the wilderness. The black stork is common, and there are 1,000 couples. The main forest consists of woodpeckers, cranes, gulls, grebes and many more. You will find deer, hedgehogs, wolves, and various types of animals in the forests of Latvia. There are moles, wild boars, and various types of fish in the water and none will fail to mesmerize you.

Here we have piled up a list of places where you can witness the best of Latvia wildlife while you are on a vacation there. Take a look!

1. The Tervete Nature Park

The Tervete Nature Park

Wildlife of Latvia starts with this nature park, as it is one of the popular places for adults and kids both. You will find wooden sculptures, plank ways that span the Valley of Tervete River. The park is family-friendly and this fairy-tale like the place will make you feel peaceful in the lap of nature. The castle mounds will definitely make your kids excited while nature lovers will be mesmerized by the 300-year-old trees, and get to experience the ancient forest. You can climb the observation tower and get the treetop view of the amazing forest.

Location: Tērvete district, Tērvete parish, Tērvete, LV-3730, Latvia
Timing: Monday to Sunday, 09:00 to 19:00
Entry fee: 5.00 €

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2. Ragakapa Nature Park

Ragakapa Nature Park

The park covers 150 hectares and the forest is covered with pine trees and you will get to experience the biodiversity of the coastal area. Plants and animals in Latvia and especially in Ragakapa is very rich and there are two nature trails, and one of these trails leads through the forest of pine, and it’s 2km long. There are benches in this long way and also you will find steepest stairs. The trail gives you the information about the biodiversity of this place and the amazing beauty of the sceneries. The ecosystem in here changes constantly and thus there are many different species are found.

Location: Tiklu iela 1a, Jurmala 2010, Latvia
Timing: 24 hours
Entry fee: free

3. Ligatnes Nature Trails

Ligatnes Nature Trails

This place is situated at the banks of the Gauja River and has a 5 km trail where you will find the birds and animals of Latvia. If you have booked a guided tour in Nature & Wildlife Tours in Latvia it will take 2 to 2.5 hours for you to visit this entire place. This nature trail was created in 1975, to attract the tourists and for the wild animals of the country.
You will find the habitats of forest animals in the Līgatne nature trails, which have been brought from so many places of the country, and basically, these animals were wounded or found domesticated, or unable to find food for their survival. The feeding of the wildlife is prohibited, and if you are planning to take your pet dog with you, that is prohibited too.

Location: Sigulda, Baznicas iela 3, Ligatne, Latvia
Timing: 9 am to 6 pm
Entry fee: 4.30 €

4. Trusu Pilsetina

Trusu Pilsetina

Pack some fresh carrots before you visit this pristine town in Latvia because this place is also known as the rabbit town and is situated near the A7 highway. You will be amazed to experience the flower-filled place and if you want you can spend a day or two in here with the animals, and listen to the lovely stories of the animals from your host. You will be amazed by the welcome you will get here and feed the carrots to the adorable rabbits and other animals too.

Location: Pilsmui kungi Oj rs Narvils | Codes pagasts, Bauska 3901, Latvia
Timing: 9:00 AM – 9:00 PM
Entry fee: Adults: 3.00€, students: 2.50€

5. Zviedru Cepure

Zviedru Cepure

This trail is one of the most fun-filled places in Latvia as you can have a fun slide through the trail and you can see the valley of Abava, and it’s called as the Switzerland of Courland. You can take a stroll through nature, feel the lively forest and listen to the chirps of the birds and the sound of the cackling stream will make you calm. You can experience this place alone, or have a picnic at the top of the hill and you will get some table and benches here too. You can always begin your trail to downhill and here you will find the meadow plants and some protected ones in here as well.

Location: Tukums, Latvia
Timing: 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM
Entry fee: 1 to 5€

6. Velnalas Klintis Un Velna Ala

Velnalas klintis Un Velna Ala

This place means the Devil’s Rocks and Devil’s Cave and is one of the major wildlife places in Latvia. The rocks here are very powerful and it’s situated at the Gauja valley, with 250 m long and 15 m high. The rocks here were formed 10,000 years ago, and that was in the Devonian era. You will get to see the fossils of fish from that era, like the bullet fish and flora fossils as well. In this place, just 8m above is the devil’s cave, which used to be an ancient cult site and the cave formation ended five millennia ago, and the depth of the cave is 35 m.

Location: Sigulda, Latvia
Timing: 6 am to 6 pm
Entry fee: free

7. Ieriku Dzirnavas

Ieriku Dzirnavas

Take a small walk into this place alongside the waterfalls and the pretty river. You will get to find the small cafes and here you can have some refreshments in here, and the small watermill will be a very good place to take pictures.

Location: Drabeshu pagasts, LV-4139, Latvija Ieriki, Amata 4139, Latvia
Timing: 5 am to 9 pm
Entry fee: 3.50€

8. Pape Nature Park

Pape Nature Park

Take a motorcycle ride through the wilderness of this nature park, and enjoy 2 to 3 hours or an entire day. You can have a small picnic on the grassland. This place is near to the shore of the Baltic Sea and the dunes, and here you will find various nature paths, where you will get to experience the wild horses and goats grazing on the meadows. Here you will get to see the beautiful orchids and can visit the fisherman villages nearby. This place is also a paradise for bird watchers and you will find 200 species here and they fly here in the autumn season only.

Location: Pape, Latvia
Timing: 5 am to 5 pm.
Entry fee: fee

9. Skanakalna Dabas Parks

Skanakalna Dabas Parks

Get on a motorcycle ride through the wilderness of this place and enjoy the sound of nature. You will get to see some wooden statues alongside the road and if you want to take a walk and you can do that too.

Location: Parka iela 36, Mazsalaca 4215, Latvia
Timing: 6 am to 5 pm
Entry fee: free

10. Lake Engure Nature Park

Lake Engure Nature Park

Feed the grazing wild animals on the field and have a packed lunch picnic in this place and have an amazing time in this nature park.

Location: Unnamed Road, Engures pagasts, LV-3113, Latvia
Timing: 24 hours
Entry Fee: free

Visit this 10 beautiful nature parks in and you will be introduced to the Nature and the wilderness Tours in Latvia while in Europe , and you will be able to enjoy your visit here in full form. Pack your bags with all the necessary things, such as casual clothes and good shoes, and there will be no problem when you will be walking through the trails. Make sure that you have your camera with you all the time and hire a guide to help you with the surroundings.

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10 Best Wedding Venues In Montenegro For A Unique Wedding Celebration

The country of Montenegro is characterized by ancient villages, glistening beaches and towering mountains. Located in the south-eastern part of Europe, Montenegro is one of the youngest states of Europe, owing to its recent break-away from Serbia in the year 2006. The country has considerably improved in terms of infrastructure ever since and has become home to a host of five-star hotels built on large tracts. Montenegro has now become a hot favourite with families looking to host destination weddings in the midst of scenic places. If you are also looking for some super wedding destinations, we have got you a list of the top ten wedding venues in Montenegro where you can kick-start your new life innings with your beloved!

One of the most popular wedding places in Montenegro is Perast, a quaint little village in the country which has also been declared a UNESCO World Heritage and a Historical Site. Check this out!

1. Conte Hotel

Conte Hotel

The Conte Hotel is located in Perast, a village in Montenegro which is a preferred place for tourists flying in from the west because of the rich history that lies behind the baroque-inspired houses and buildings. Conte Hotel is a great wedding venue option if you are looking for a comfortable hotel to hold your wedding functions. The hotel also has some of the best accommodation facilities with beautifully done up hotel room interiors, making it the perfect stay option for wedding guests. Don’t worry about the food at all as this hotel serves some of the yummiest Mediterranean dishes at their restaurant, just what you need for a pretty little wedding in Montenegro.

Location: Ul. Marka Martinovića bb, Perast 85336, Montenegro.

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2. Admiral Hotel

Admiral Hotel

Admiral Hotel is a gem of a hotel, located in the coastal town of Perast. Previously a palace belonging to the 18th Century, it is now a stunning hotel which has still kept the design and look of the palace intact. You can hear the crashing sounds of the sea when you are at the hotel and the courteous staff of the hotel also ensures that you have everything you need all through your stay at Admiral. The surroundings of the Admiral Hotel include the islets of St. George and Our Lady of the Rocks church.

Location: Obala Kapetana Marka Martinovich b.b. Perast Kotor Montenegro.

3. Our Lady Of The Rock Church

Our Lady Of The Rock Church

Our Lady of the Rock is an old church that sits on the Island of Gospa of Skyrpjela in Montenegro. This church is one of the most important religious sites for the locals of Perast and has been adorned with a collection of historically significant paintings. This church will guarantee the most intimate and private wedding functions and ceremonies for the guests, the bride and the groom.

Location: Off the Coast of Perast, Bay of Kotor, Montenegro.

4. Vila Perast

Vila Perast

Perast is an ancient little village in Montenegro, lying on the coast of the Bay of Kotor. Perast makes for the perfect wedding venue if you are looking for a more old-fashioned place, Perast is the place for you! This village is uninterrupted by modern tourism and is full of architectural masterpieces in the form of Catholic Churches, baroque palaces and the tall towers of Perast. Vila is the best property where you can hold all your wedding functions and ceremonies, just by the seaside. They have excellent accommodation facilities and dining services that will make your special day even more special.

Location: Obala Kapetana Marka Martinovich, Perast 85336, Montenegro.

5. Stari Mlini

wedding celebration in montenegro

Stari Mlini is a scenic restaurant in Montenegro and is built on the land where there was a flour mill, previously. The owners of the restaurant have still kept the mill, which adds just the right amount of rustic touch to this wedding venue. Nestled between the scenic coastline and the majestic black mountains, Stari Mlini affords the best views of the bay while a part of it also gives you access to the mountain river of Ljuta where you can dip your feet in. The ancient architecture of this place sits very well with the way the restaurant is made. If you think holding a wedding at a restaurant could be a risky move, think again because this restaurant offers world-class service, a magical ambiance and untouched beauty. Among the dining options, you will find some of the best local dishes made with the freshest ingredients, including local seafood that is coupled with culinary traditions.

Location: 2, Dobrota, Montenegro.

6. Fortress of Kotor

Fortress of Kotor

The town of Kotor is one of the hidden gems of Montenegro in Europe , perched just on the edge of the Bay of Kotor, it is distinguished by cobbled pathways and hidden streets. The city of Kotor first appeared as a Greek colony as it was under the rule of the Serbs, the Austro-Hungarian rulers and the Venetian rulers. You can see a reflection of each of these cultures at Kotor. You can hold your wedding ceremony either inside the fortress of Kotor or at the Cathedral of Saint Tryphon in Kotor. You can also check out the Cathedrals around the Old City of Kotor for one of your ceremonies. If you love clicking photographs, you will love Kotor’s picturesque location where every nook and cranny makes for a beautiful background for all your wedding pictures.

Location: Kotor, Montenegro.

7.Splendid Hotel

Splendid Hotel

Splendid Hotel in Montenegro is a 5-star Hotel and is truly a splendid option to hold your wedding in Montenegro. Splendid being a 5-star hotel, you don’t have to worry about the food because their in-house restaurant serves some sumptuous local and international cuisines that go very well with the varieties of wines that the hotel has on their menu. Located by the sea, in the centre of Becici between the city of Budwa and the Sveti Stefan islands, Hotel Splendid can easily be accessed from the airports of Tivat, Dubrovnik and Podgorica. This hotel is the best place for your wedding if you have lots of guests coming in for the wedding as it can accommodate up to seven-hundred wedding guests and is the largest wedding venue in Montenegro. For guests attending your wedding, you can book the rooms or suites at the Splendid Hotel, most of which have stunning views of the Adriatic Sea. You can choose from the modern reception halls or the stylish rooms at the hotel where you can hold your functions and ceremonies.

Location: Bečići bb, Budva- 85310, Montenegro.

8. Aman Sveti Stefan Hotel And Restaurant

Aman Sveti Stefan Hotel And Restaurant

If you have been dreaming of a very extravagant wedding in Montenegro, Sveti Stefan in the Budva city of Montenegro is a great choice. The Stefan Island is about six miles east of Budwa and is connected by a sand deposit formation, formed over years. This island enjoys just the right degree of seclusion from the chaos of a busy city, making it the perfect place to have a lavish but solitary wedding. The Aman Sveti Stefan Hotel in Montenegro was previously a fishing village which has been transformed into a luxurious resort. For guests coming in from outside, you can book rooms at the Villa Milocer, the accommodation facility at Aman. Villa Milocer was previously the summer residence of Queen Marija Karadordevic but is now part of the Aman Resort. You can choose from the sophisticated suites and rooms at this Villa or even choose the rooms depending on the views you want- one overlooking the sea or the other that overlooks the gardens. Your guests will love you for choosing Aman as your wedding destination!

Location: Sveti Stefan 85315, Montenegro.

9. Verige 65 Restaurant And Bar

Verige 65 Restaurant And Bar

Looking for a more contemporary place where you can hold your wedding ceremony? Verige 65 Restaurant and Bar is just the place for you. Verige gives you a chance to celebrate your big day in the presence of loving friends and family and guarantees unlimited fun to all those in attendance. Douse in the unique vibe and super decor of this restaurant as you take off on a new journey of life. Verige overlooks the Perast islets, Saint George and the Our Lady of the Rocks church.

Location: 19 E65, Kostanjica, Montenegro.

10. Hotel Regent Porto Montenegro

Hotel Regent Porto Montenegro

One of the most popular wedding venues in Montenegro, Hotel Regent Porto Montenegro is located inside the Port of Montenegro. The Hotel has a classic nautical themed decor, coupled with authentic Venetian-style architecture, both reflections of the location, history and culture of Montenegro. The hotel has all the facilities you need, right from luxurious event amenities to gourmet catering options and even relaxing spa facilities. Regent is one of the perfect wedding venues in Montenegro if you are looking for a wedding by the sea as the hotel overlooks the beautiful Bay of Kotor (Boka Bay). You can choose to hold one of your functions inside the ballroom hall and hold another ceremony outside, around the Italian Garden Restaurant.

Location: Obala bb, Tivat 85320, Montenegro

Weddings are special, especially for the bride, the groom and their families, making them even more special are these wedding venues in Montenegro. What better place than Montenegro and the scenic towns of this country, to host your wedding? Plan a trip to Europe for a special celebration of your D-Day!

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